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As the weather is turning nice, I am finding myself more and more wanting to get outside and be active.  I'd like to spend some of this Spring induced boost in energy on my karate training.  Other than standard conditioning (push ups, crunches, etc.), and running through the kata that I know, are there any particular drills or exercises that you can recommend?

Specifically, I would like some exercises that I can do to improve my footwork, to be lighter on my feet in sparring sessions, and really be able to take advantage of those angles Mr. Oliver teaches us about.  I have just invested in a stand alone heavy bag as well, so I will be doing as many punching and kicking drills as I can remember from class as well as focusing on getting more fluid with combinations of techniques.

Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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How is the training going Sir? Have you tried any of Sensei Debord's suggestions?


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