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Clementine, Janet and I have arrived in Fort Collins.  Everything is going relatively smooth.  Clementine and I will begin our “offsite” training program tomorrow night.  We have created a makeshift dojo in the basement.  The plan is to find a local dojo to train in two times a week and then continue to train under Sensei Oliver five days a week.


We have our first dojo visit schedule for next Monday night.  We will likely visit several before we settle on one.  There are no local Isshinryu dojos but I do want to find a dojo with similar values.  It will be good for Clementine to train with other kids her age and for both of us to keep up our sparring with peers.  


Sensei Oliver is working with us to develop a program to continue our training within the Zen Martial Arts dojo.  I truly believe we can make this work.  Clementine and I have talked and we are committed to continuing.  Additionally there is a strong precedence for this within our lineage.  A precedence that developed without the benefits of Skype, email, and forum posts.  


Clementine and I will keep this forum updated with our progress.  We are scheduling  visit back to Sacramento in August to train at the dojo for a week or more.


Thank you for all of your support.   If Clementine or I can be of any assistance to any of you, please let us know.

Chris Ruch

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Hope you have found a good local space to continue your training. Best wishes to you all!


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