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Right away, you should know that not all martial arts schools are created equal. Different schools not only teach different systems of martial arts, but the teaching methods, class size, experience of instructors and general feel of the class can vary dramatically from one school to the next.

When researching a potential martial arts school in Sacramento for yourself, make sure that when you actually visit the dojo to meet the teachers and students, you pay attention to the attitude of everyone there.

A good martial arts teacher will have a profound impact on your mental and physical development. Make sure you choose a school with teachers and fellow students that you feel comfortable with.

For more advice on selecting a school, visit my blog entry on Choosing a Martial Arts School.

For years the staff at this martial arts school has been coaching people, of all ages, in the process of learning and practicing the martial arts as a tool for learning and practicing the art of being a more complete, proactive, and empowered human being.

You see, this school stands for something far beyond the kick, the punch, and the throw.

For thousands of adults and young-adults, we have been—and continue to be—a place to refuel, recharge, and remember the value of keeping one's body fit, to keep the mind focused, and the spirit strong.

We teach a brand of self-defense that transcends our physical "art"—and includes the self-defense skills of kindness, empathy, community, and compassion.

Here are just a few of the things that make our martial arts school very unique:

Focus your Mind: This isn't a gym. Our traditional Okinawan training methods require you to be mentally engaged. This keeps your training fresh and mentally stimulating and leaves you ready to face the challenges of a full life. Our Digital Dojo gives you a place to share and learn with others that are also on their martial arts journey.

Shape your Body: Our classes are physically challenging. We use traditional Okinawan training methods that are designed to increase applied strength, flexibility, and endurance. We do this in a safe and non-embarrassing environment so that you can achieve your personal fitness goals.

Strengthen your Spirit: Adult karate students are known for having a strong and resolute spirit. By overcoming the challenges that the martial arts have to offer, you will feel as though you can accomplish anything.

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Classes are held at:

4819 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

Close To: Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, East Sacramento, Elmhurst, River Park, Hollywood Park, Oak Park, Tahoe Park, Fruitridge, Tallac Village.

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