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Bullying Help in Sacramento

3 tips for dealing with

Bullying is NOT Ok. Write down / record the incident. Note the Date, time, location, and people involved.

Go to your parents, your teachers, and other adults-in-charge and let them know what's going on.

Ask for Help.
Don't hesitate to ask for help. You may not have the tools or authority to put a stop to bullying, but someone you know does.

Our school has integrated a program called Verbal Judo into our classes. It's a set of  tactical communications lessons that goes hand-in-hand with our martial arts curriculum.

The goal of Verbal Judo is to redirect negative behavior and reduce conflict through verbal communication. Originally, this method was taught just to police officers. The methods are applicable, however, to all ages and all walks of life.

Both children and adults alike face issues of harassment and bullying—on the playground, at school and in the workplace. Verbal Judo  will equip students with the skills they need to prevent verbal attacks from escalating,  and—maybe one day—save someone's life. Better still, they're based on street-tested, time-proven principles.

Field Tested: Over 700,000 law enforcement officers have been trained in the tactics of verbal judo. These same techniques are now used everyday by children all over the Sacramento area. They are putting to use what they learn in our Verbal Judo classes to stop bullies in their tracks with just their words.

Effective Communication: Verbal Judo isn't just about stopping bullies and bad guys. These communication skills transcend all levels. We teach kids how to keep their cool when angry, how to respond appropriately to someone that is mad at them, and how to really listen to what others are communicating.

Peace Before Punches: We teach our karate kids not only how to defend themselves but when it is appropriate to do so. Using the Verbal Judo Five Step, your child will know how to respond to various threat levels and also be able to defend their actions at school when faced with a bully.

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