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February 2011 Journal Entries (13)

UBBT Week 12- Truckin' Along

Usually, something inspires me during the week. This week there is no story of inspiration. Only a confirmation of my UBBT commitments. After being sick for far too long, I'm finally feeling myself again. Time to build up those UBBT muscles I lost to the flu!

Today started with a solid workout. My second book is coming along. Kiai is feeling as strong as ky determination. Class was spent breaking in the horse stance again.

Tomorrow is back to the usual routine. Looking… Continue

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Week 11 - Keep on Keepin' On...

So it's really getting to be routine. And that feels good. I'm seeing that the things I focus on are rotating. I'm not sure if they're just rotating or if I'm actually marking things off the list as I go. I hope it's the latter, but we'll wait and see.


At any rate, this week I'm focusing on balance. Basically, I've been really lucky in that I can fit 90% of my workout in on my lunch breaks. But... I have a bike ride coming up and I need to start focussing on my cycling. I…


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UBBT Week 11

The last week was the hardest yet. Sick in bed makes it hard to do any of the UBBT exercises, acts of kindness, or other requirements. Fever made reading impossible so I didn't even start my next book as planned. Arg.

Lisa Spangolo's post about not giving up was very inspiring. I reread it a couple times to remind myself of the primary UBBT requirement: don't give up. The long term view helps me stay focused in times like these. It doesn't make it easy though. Tonight's class for… Continue

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week 11

So as I've read a lot of the UBBT journals...I find myself on the same path as many here..keeping "our" personal focus is a challange within our selves. The first of Janurary I started my own buisness, managing two others and still fitting in karate and the UBBT...I am hopeful on keeping myself not only on track but better focused on all my comitments and I am thankful to say I have mended some past relationships and have suceeded in many acts of kindness that have become easy to do, even on a… Continue

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Balance, and Adjusting to Life's Turns (UBBT update)

Since my last post the training has been up and down, at turns inspired and motivated, then struggling to fit in with the other demands of life. Monday was a definite high, meeting at the dojo to prepare the baskets of socks for the "Sock the Homeless" project--well done, everyone! Heading down to the Loaves and Fishes "campus" and meeting the Mustard Seed staff was a great inspiration to keep things circulating ("things" = food, clothes, smiles...compassion and grace).

Work projects… Continue

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Week 10 - And some new goals

First and foremost I'm publicly stating my vow: From here on out... I will brush my teeth with my left hand. So, clearly I'm right handed. My right arm is way stronger and way more coordinated than my left arm. So I did some research and that's how I decided on the tooth brushing thing. It is a great way to increase strength and it's even better for coordination. And it kind of goes along with the UBBT thing, right. Small things that add up to big ones.


Keeping up with the…


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UBBT Week 10

The focus this week was on a book I recently finished. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. It described Siddhartha's life and the many paths he took. At one time a holy man, then a wandering nomad, next a business man, and finally a lowly oarsman. Each path revealed a different aspect of himself. Each was a different but equally true self. That's what impressed me most.

2010 was a topsy turvy kind of year for me. I rushed into an opportunity to move to Sacramento last April. College ended… Continue

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UBBT Week 6

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I have been very busy. Between my continued martial arts training, doing my UBBT necessities weekly, going to school 5 days a week, trying to find a new place that I can afford that is closer to Sacramento I haven't had a lot of time. Add on top of that the fact that I have been sick for a week now and it is quite a load. These are not excuses, just reasons. 

Things have gotten easier in the UBBT front. At the beginning of this challenge I…


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Persevering on the (Reclaimed) Road (UBBT Update)

The most important UBBT requirement for me right now is "No Quitting," not that I'm thinking about doing that, but I'm seeing each day of activity as progress toward that requirement, however it takes shape.  Daily perseverance.

I'm exploring a couple of the more mental/attitudinal requirements in new ways--the meditation and the acts of kindness--and look forward to building greater consistency and attention (intention?) with these.  The highlight of my meditation from this past week… Continue

Added by Lisa Spagnolo on February 7, 2011 at 10:53am — 2 Comments

Karate Praise Report

In our classes, Mr. Oliver has occasionally mentioned foot awareness. We humans naturally protect our face when bugs, fists, or annoying siblings get too close. We don't naturally have the same awareness in our legs. That's where martial arts training comes in handy.

Today karate overcome nature.

A friend and I went shopping for Asian inspired fabrics for Ms. Bitar's green belt project. As we entered the store, Charlotte took her sun glasses off, started to fold them,… Continue

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UBBT- Week 9 Perspective

As usual, I got stuck in my own rut. All it took was a friend's casual comment to snap me out of it.

Last Friday was a superproductive day in regards to my declutterization goals. Living room furniture was rearranged. More useful items found their way to the thrift store for a new home. Some went to the antique store this time. Laundry was completed. Storage is clean- organized even! A few more paper based projects are left, but the new furniture arrangement is already motivating me.… Continue

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Week 8 and 9 and Hello February!

Time is going too quickly.


Week 8 and 9 are over. And today marks the end of the second month. That's 62 days in.

That's 9255 Push ups

9300 Sit ups

178 kata repetitions

173.4 miles of my journey

180 acts of kindness

1 book read


I'm a little bit behind on a few things and a little bit ahead on some others. Overall I feel like I'm staying on top of things. I feel pretty good about it all. Things are becoming part of the…


Added by Chrissy Scott on February 1, 2011 at 7:25pm — 3 Comments

February is here!

Wow, it's hard to believe the first official month of UBBT is over.  I'm not sure if this went by fast or slow.  Either way, we're 1/12 to the finish!  This process has certainly made me mindful of what I need to do every day and I've learned that it's easier if I keep my schedule consistent day to day in order to make it through the list.


The next thing for me is to complete the weaving project for my green belt.  It's my first time using a loom; I was inspired by one…


Added by Susan Bitar on February 1, 2011 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

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