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April 2011 Journal Entries (11)

Inspiration and Overcoming (UBBT update)

The theme of the past couple of weeks in UBBT-land has been inspiration and overcoming. I have to say I hit a slump in March and April, despite explicit claims of "coming back".  I let discouragement and doubt take center stage in my mind a bit more than I would have liked.  Not altogether consciously, I started looking for inspiration (and it looked for me as well).  With the spring weather more and more of the seasoned athletes and weekend warriors are visible, and their dedication is… Continue

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10 plus Acts of Kindness

I have gone above and beyond my 10, I have decieded on a list of 14, that stood out in my mind.


1. Gave my product to a patient, to help her son.

2. Decorated lights for boss.

3. Massaged a friend for free.

4. Walked neighbor's dogs.

5. Helped a handicap to car.

6. Words of encouragement, during a tough time, to a new friend.

7. Helped a stranger find a product in the store.

8. Found $100 bill, found the "happy"…


Added by Adren Bradley on April 27, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Further Thoughts on Full Commitment

On the way home from class tonight I realized I've been making a mental mistake expecting defeat when sparring against partners who I perceive to be more skilled than me. For instance, when sparring Mr. Oliver, I expect to take hits, and I am surprised when I land a blow. It seems to me that this is the wrong attitude. Regardless of skill level, speed or size, going into a fight expecting to get thumped seems like an excellent way to get thumped.

What I am struggling with is trying… Continue

Added by Dave Samuel on April 20, 2011 at 11:19pm — 1 Comment

Week 19 and the Next Point of Focus

Week 19 was a GOOD one! Vacation!


Really tho, if it wasn't a vacation spent with family, I don't know if I could have handled being away from the dojo so long. I'm going on just about 3 weeks away. And I don't like it. The vacation was great, and I did okay atsticking to my workouts. However, after Friday, I did fall behind on my push ups, sit ups and kata.


It wasn't that the bike ride took too much out of me, it was more that I was really immersed in the…


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Mindfulness, Commitment and a Meaningful Existence

I have enjoyed reading Karate-Dō, by Gichin Funakoshi.  My favorite passage is the subsection, "An Important Lesson", at the start of the chapter "No Weapons".  In the passage, two skilled fighters (the engraver and Matsumura) face off in a duel.  Matsumura emerges victorious from the match without landing a blow. In describing how he defeated the engraver, Matsumura says, "...I know this: you were determined to win, and I was just as determined to die if I lost.  That is the difference…


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MS150 - Check!

Well.... I'm on vacation. I've been away from the dojo for a week. ONE WEEK of no classes, and I have to say... I miss my dojo! If my family wasn't the most awesome thing in the world, vacation would be seriously overrated. 


I have been keeping up with my push ups and sit ups. Clearly I'll be alright on my mileage today. My goal after the ride is to catch up on my journaling. 

Heading out now... Start the MS150 bike ride at 6:45am. Send some positive thoughts my…

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Following with a Good Shot -- UBBT Update

There is a passage in the Book of Five Rings that talks about learning from other activities: "A man cannot understand the perfection and imperfection of his chosen art if he cannot see the value in other arts."  This passage came to mind as I was applying some golf sayings to my UBBT journey (even though I did not watch any of the Masters).  One of those is "always follow a bad shot with a good shot."  Essentially--if you mess up, because it will happen, do the next thing well.  …


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Week 19 - Spirit

My last journal concentrated on numbers, meeting goals, and motivation. Today is a report on spirit.


Today was the 6th Annual Niello VW Ranch Run.  There were some VWs I hadn't seen before and some old favorites. Tin cans, pimped out racers, campers and off roaders. Valve cover races down a killer ramp were even more popular this year than last. The Blackboard Bug was out again, decorated by children of all ages in imaginative chalk art. The bake sale was overflowing with…


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act of kindness

Monday I drove a patient home after work, no worries you know.
This morning my boss comes to me and says "your ability to help our patiet not only reflects on yourself, but me and our office as well" thank you! She proceeds to say " you don't see enough of this in the world, good for you"!
I thank karate for this....I am a kind person, always have been but I have found a new approach to just being kind to all!! I wanted to share this with my team!

Added by Adren Bradley on April 6, 2011 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Madison's service project

Please join me for a Karate demonstration at Olive Glen Assisted Living Facility on Wednesday April 27th at 3pm.  We will deliver homemade friendship cards to the residents that live there and then show them a few Kata.  My great grandmother lives in this facility and I know how excited they will be to have children visit them.  If you are unable to join us but still want to make a card or picture for them to enjoy, please deliver your artwork to karate class…


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Week # Something

April is a new start. First step is to take stock. I have been avoiding entering the numbers into my spreadsheet. I knew the sprained thumb, stomach flu, and hip injury took a lot out of me last month. The numbers were sure to reflect it. Tonight I faced my the spreadsheet and was surprised to find encouragement.

I was encouraged because as I entered the numbers they were more motivating than deflating. I did how much despite the challenges? I am awesome! I have lost 15 pounds since…


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