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April 2012 Journal Entries (8)

My Personal Goal

In realizing that this year is almost half way through, I have recently noticed that I've been hiding in my own little world.  While the rest of the world has been busy moving forward, I have been caught in the daily routine of work, karate, and sleep.  My routine has caused me to neglect my social life in efforts to preserve what mental sanity I have left at the end of the day.  Although I have been successful at self-preservation, I have failed in maintaining any kind of social life. In doing… Continue

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Call to the Martial Arts History Buffs - Study Help Please

Hi everybody!

I was talking to Mr. Samuel and Ms. Lau yesterday after class about the test next week and it occurred to us that we need to brush up on our martial arts history. So we came up with a master plan:

I am going to start this post with one martial arts history fact. Then, we need everyone to add a fact that isn't already listed.

Sensei, please spot check our posts. And of course, feel free to pitch in.

Okay, so I'll start with a Wansu… Continue

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Quinoa Salad Review

Okay, so I made that yummy looking quinoa salad yeaterday and had some for dinner... Here are my thoughts...

I liked it okay. Honesttly, there was some initial disappointment because I felt it was too sweet. That could have something to do with the part of the recipe that said "drizzle." According to my friend who was coaching me (because it's not safe to leave me alone in a kitchen unless I'm only using a rice cooker) said that my version of a "drizzle" is really generous. That… Continue

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The Big Tiny Tiger Toy Drive

Isaac Hull, a Tiny Tiger black belt candidate

at our dojo, is hoping to help local children

who have come from violent homes by

collecting toys to donate to the Sacramento

Children’s Home. The Home’s current wish

list includes toys, games, puzzles and

books for boys and girls ages 0-7 that are

non-violent in nature. Please help Isaac

with his Out of the Dojo project by bringing

a new, unwrapped item to the Dojo by April

24, 2012.

Let’s all do…


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Fitness Eats - Quinoa Salad

So I went to my favorite recipe website, Two Peas and Their Pod to get the Quinoa chili recipe that I mentioned in an earlier post... but then I realized that it's not really chili weather anymore. So... I found a new recipe to try, for Quinoa Salad. I will be testing this…


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Controversial documentary “Bully” comes to Tower Theatre

I was recently asked to share my thoughts about the movie "Bully" in a Land Park News interview. The following article is in the April 5th, 2012 issue of Land Park News. You can also download a PDF of the complete issue.

Controversial documentary “Bully” comes to Tower Theatre



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My Personal Goal in Writing

In order to test for Brown belt, we have to meet certain requirements. One of them being to work towards a personal goal. This is my personal goal, in writing.

I am going to train/prepare for the the World Oyama Karate Organization's 2012 Fighters Cup. The tournament takes place at Mercy High School in San Francisco on June 3rd. The tournament…


Added by Chrissy Scott on April 10, 2012 at 3:17pm — 5 Comments

Inside the City Magazine: Black Belts Rebuild

Our efforts in Alabama were recently spotlighted in the Inside the City and Inside East Sacramento magazines. You can view the complete April issue over at Inside Publications or download the PDF. Thank…


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