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August 2011 Journal Entries (7)

Weeks 37 - 38 Here comes September

September is right around the corner and for some reason that feels like "almost there" is getting really close. The end of August makes 9 months of 150 push ups a day, 150 crunches a day, 3 katas a day, logging stuff, thinking about projects and doing some projects... etc. 9 months worth of daily repetitions, daily consciousness. I feel like I should wear a bracelet that says WWBBD (What Would a Black Belt Do). Ha. So, basically, a lot has gone into the last 9 months. A whole lot. Last…


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Dojo Visit

For the last two weeks, dad and I were in Florida helping my brother move in to his new home. There was lots to do! Three of the four major projects were finished with headway on the fourth. It was also a great vacation. The highlight was visiting a local Shorin-Ryu dojo. Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do was the name. Renshi Geoffrey Gaudoin was kind enough to allow me to attend adult class.

The night arrives. Always show up early. Why? Stretching is good but watching the kids class was… Continue

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Week 34, 35 & 36 -Searchig for balance

I'm keeping up with my UBBT requirements well enough to not worry. I'm still struggling a bit to get more consistent with things tho. Better with kata (even catching up), ahead of schedule on push ups and sit ups. Still ahead on mileage but my cushion is detiorating a bit. Gott a make a push for miles this weekend. Still, comfortable with all those areas. Even got some volunteer time in this month with Getty Owl Foundation and working my way thru another book.

I'm assigning myself… Continue

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Keep on Movin'

Yes, I will admit the mantra for the past few weeks has been that Soul II Soul song.  Keep on movin, don't stop.  Life has thrown many challenges--all of the typical competing priorities of work, family, home & yard maintenance--and vacations!  My cycling has been especially consistent the past few weeks, probably the most since my regular early morning gym visits.  And, these rides have been late in the evening, refreshing after a long day. (some improved times here as well, but often… Continue

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Week 31 - 33 exercise doesn't have to be exercise.

If I go out on a bike ride I try to get at least 5 miles at a time. I can do a quick 5 - 7 mile loop on my shortened lunch breaks. When time isn't an issue, I go for closer to 10 miles. Now in the world of cycling, 10 miles is not very far at all. So, I try to do a really hard 10 mile, fast, solid pace. And it feels good to go out and ride those 10 miles.

But... a nice leisurely 20-miler feels even better (not to mention those extra miles help that UBBT number get closer). So,… Continue

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UBBT Update

Journal entries have slowed down because there hasn't been much to update. Numbers are pitifully behind. Life is tipsy turvy. And everything is just as it should be.

Character building has been the focus of June and July. The first two codes of bushido are on my mind of late. #1: Rectitude: To do the right thing. #2: Bravery: To have courage when faced with a challenge. These two principles have served as guides when mediating in the recent weeks. It was less about who was right and… Continue

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10 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. 07/26 Offered to change five gallon water jug for co-worker with a bad back.
  2. 07/27 Opened door for stranger at bank; his belt matched his shoes (more clay-brown than dark-brown).
  3. 07/27 Friend asked about singing lessons, so I directed her to vocal training DVD that I had found very helpful. I tracked down the first DVD of the series and lent it to her, encouraged her give it a try. She noted that the instructor on the DVD is easy on the eyes; I was glad she found it…

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