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December 2013 Journal Entries (5)

Week 4 - Another One Down

Spent most of this week in Tucson doing manual labor for my Mum. Wouldn't have it any other way. It might not be runs or weights or kata, but let me tell you , I'm working hard! We built a kitchen island, painted half a house, wired outlets, mounted TVs... Good times. On some days it was way more exhausting than a run and some push-ups. Seriously... …


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Week 3 - A Good One

This week was a good one. I got my bike set up for indoor winter trainer rides so that will be really handy for the next couple of months. Although if weather and schedule permit I'd love to go outside. Got a couple walk/hikes in which was nice. Ready to get back into the running this next week. Started the half marathon calendar up for 2014. Already registered for the January run and have March picked out. No half marathon in February but I'll be doing the …


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Week 2 - Just Keep Going Anyway

This week... I'm kind of glad it's over. I ran the marathon on Sunday and lived to tell about it. Want to say thanks SO MUCH to those families who came out. And another thanks for the AWESOME signs! (Be sure to zoom in on the picture if you can)

Monday was work and then lots of food and sleep. Them Tuesday I woke up with a pretty gross version of the common…


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Week 1 - Unexpected Challenges

So, this week... Well, it was not at all what I expected it to be. There were some unexpected challenges. My mum was admitted to the hospital in Tucson in the afternoon on 11/23. I flew out early on 11/24. She's back home now and doing better, but the whole thing was... Well, unexpected. And I now know how to spell a lot of weird medicine names and can tell you what they do.

Right now I'm on the plane on my way back to Sacramento and thinking this is pretty much my best bet for…


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California International Marathon - Need Support on the Sidelines!

Hi Everybody! I have a special request to make...

Most of you guys are aware that I do a lot of stuff with Getty Owl Foundation. And some of you are aware that I run a lot. Well, here's where the two meet: Kate,…


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