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As we roll in to 2014, I want to thank everyone who is a part of the dojo, and connected to it in some way, for your support during previous year. This was one for the books for my small family, and I think I aged 10 years in 1, but it would have been an even harder ride without your help and support. We were very humbled by your presence and love--from cards and letters to gifts and groceries during our 4 month hospital stay--even to offering up your homes for us to be able to stay close to the hospital. Thank you.

When I opened the dojo, I did it with an intent for students to feel honored to be able to train not just at our school, but in the art of Isshinryu that has been passed down to us and to provide a level of service that does justice to authentic karate. The past year though has taught me that I am the one that is truly honored to be surrounded by our wonderful group of students and parents. We may have a family of 3 at home, but I know that I have (collectively, we all have) a family of 100 at the dojo.

I want to humbly offer a gift of appreciation for the coming year to all of our parents, grandparents, mentors, and guardians. My parents first gave me the gift of karate, and you have all given me a deeper connection to our dojo.

If you are a parent connected to our school and have been thinking about taking the next step into a class of your own, I'd like to help you. Your gi is on me. Your first couple months of tuition are on me. I'll do everything I can to help you achieve your goals for 2014.

I teach adult classes 5 days a week. Just e-mail, call, or txt if you are interested in joining us or if you have questions.

Mike Oliver

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Comment by Delores M. Snellings on February 28, 2014 at 12:42pm

I finally found your gift, Oliver sensei.  I may humbly open it...someday.  Many thanks, Delores

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