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On April 6th, I will be flying out to Alabama as part of our mission to take our martial arts "out of the dojo and into the world." I'm going out there with fellow members of this years "Ultimate Black Belt Test" and together we are going to team up and build a house in rural America for someone in need. Ms. Georgia of Greensboro, Alabama will have a clean, warm, safe place to live because of the charity and compassion of the international martial arts community.


As you can imagine, something like this costs money. I am covering my own air fair as best as I can manage and plan on having coverage for my classes while I am gone so that all of you can still train. I know that most of you can't make it out to help us with the house build, but I hope that some of you can spare a donation to our cause. There are two easy ways to donate:


1) Add to the Push-ups for Pennies jar in the dojo. Just add your cash donation to the jar, along with a slip of paper that has your contribution amount on it. I will match the highest contribution amount with one puship for every penny donated.  This money will be used for my air fair and car rental pool as well as to help any of our UBBT student members that want to come. Thankfully, most of our meals and our sleeping arrangements in Greensboro are taken care of by local charities.


2) Contribute directly to the HERO Housing project via PayPal. Visit http://www.herohousing.org/UBBT/ and click on the donation link to contribute directly to the cause. These donations go to funding the project with tools and supplies needed for the house.

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