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  Karate is really important to me and it is something I never want to let go of. Being away from the Dojo and having to train long distance is challenging.  On Skype, it's harder to see certain things and you don't get clear view everything.  I can't spar with anyone else than my Dad, so that makes sparring feel different.  In the Dojo, you get to spar different people every time, and you a different variety of what to do, against different speeds of what people use.  Practicing kata and basics is harder too.  There isn't a mirror that you can see yourself in and catch some mistakes.  Plus, everything just feels different. There has been rough where it is hard to pick-up and keep going.  I get sudden flash backs  the Dojo and I just can't keep the tears in.  Like I said everything just feels different...  Well, I can't wait visit the Dojo in August, and see you guys again!


Clementine Ruch :)          

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