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Joslin's Martial Arts Center in Auburn and Roseville celebrates 40 Years

Joslin’s Martial Arts Center in Auburn and Roseville celebrates 40 years

Awards banquet honors eighth-degree Black Belt on Saturday

By: Special to Gold Country News

It may be cold on Saturday but the degrees will be high at Joslin’s Martial Arts Center annual awards banquet, where they will be celebrating the teaching accomplishments of the center’s two master martial arts instructors, Ron and Dave Joslin.

The high degrees in attendance include those of Grandmaster Willie Adams, a 10th-degree black belt; Master Ron Joslin, eighth-degree black belt; and Master Dave Joslin, eighth-degree black belt.

“Our master instructors have done so much for all of us, in ways that go far beyond kicking and punching. I’m honored to have been one of the many lives that they have had a positive impact on,” said Sensei Mike Oliver, a student of the Joslin brothers and now a third-degree black belt.

The celebration at the Ava’s Event Center (3129 Penryn Road, Loomis) will “honor the outstanding accomplishment that our teachers have achieved – training in and teaching Isshinryu karate for 40 years,” said Derek Bennati, fifth-degree black belt and the highest ranking pupil of Master Joslin.

The celebration, which starts at 6 p.m., will include dinner, a comedy show, presentation of awards and dancing.

Sensei Joslins are the owners and Master Instructors of two Isshinryu karate schools located in Auburn and Roseville. In 1973 they found the system of karate that offered all the benefits they sought. Both Master Ron and Dave Joslin have studied and taught Isshinryu Karate for 40 years and have developed a long standing reputation for the highest standards in quality instruction.

Ron and Dave Joslin are on the Executive Board of Karate International Association of Isshinryu, a national karate association. They were also awarded the highest honor of the American Okinawan Karate Association called, “The Spirit of Isshinryu Award,” in 1999. Their karate program received the number one rated martial arts school in the country in quality and service for five consecutive years. The rating came from I.C.A.N. (a national martial arts consulting and tuition billing company based in Florida). For more information visit http://www.greatkarate.com or call (530) 820-3131.

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