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KCRA 3 Coverage: Z is for Zen Martial Arts

Deirdre Fitzpatrick from KCRA 3 had the courage to step out onto the dojo floor with us recently. Read about her experience below.


Zen. So relaxing.

So not what I expected when I ended our 26 part Workouts A-Z series with a workout called Zen Martial Arts.

Zen Martial Arts is the cardiovascular brainchild of Mike Oliver. His dojo, or school, holds classes in the Coloma Community Center in East Sacramento.

Photos: See A Zen Martial Arts Workout

Classes do start with meditation. But zen isn't always calming in this class.

Expect your heart rate to rise quickly with a series of self defense moves including punches and kicks.

But, participants will also spend some time on the mats doing a series of unusual ab exercises and push ups.

"At Zen Martial Arts, we teach self-defense, but we see self-defense as something far greater than kicking and punching. Healthy eating is self-defense. Anger management is self defense. Getting out, moving your body and exercising with purpose--that's real self-defense," says owner Mike Oliver.

Kids as young as four can try this style of karate.

"I love what I do. Just last week I spoke with a family, the parents of one of my 6 year-old students. They shared with me the powerful impact that we've had on their daughter and how shy she was before starting karate. Only a few weeks in, and she is already making friends, looking people in the eye, and speaking loudly. Whether you are 4, or 54, our program focuses on bringing a balance to your mind, body, and spirit," says Oliver.

Curious? Your first class at Zen Martial Arts is free.

Where To Try: Zen Martial Arts Coloma Community Center 4623 T Street Sacramento, Calif. 95819 916-678-0565 www.zenmartial.com

Reported by: Deirdre Fitzpatrick

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Comment by Adren Bradley on July 25, 2011 at 8:52am
This is wonderful, great for everyone and our dojo.

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