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                   For 6 weeks, my Dad and I have been working on our brown belt project.  We decided to do something that we could work on together.  Something that will prepare us for our brown-belt test, and keep our cardio up.  We decided to do a personal project.  My mom has helped us come up with a six-week long work out routine to prepare my Dad and I for our test in Sacramento.  We do a long run in the morning, our work out routine in the afternoon, spar, practice kata, and then go do karate with Sensei on Skype.

                   On the careful watch of Sensei, I have taken on my own student.  I have been teaching my younger cousin, Ryan who is at Tiny Tiger level.  Every week we have classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Sensei has been sending me different lessons for each week.  Every 6 weeks my Dad and I have a testing day where we test Ryan on what he has learned so far. If he passes each test for each topic of the week, he earns stripes on his obi. After he earns those stripes, we test him on what he has learned overall in the 6 weeks to get his black stripe.  He has been doing very well, and I am very proud of him. 


Clementine Ruch :)

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