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Today in class Mr. Oliver described karate as 90% mental and 10% physical.

How many times have I made it easier on my body physically because my mind it necessary? It's as simple as relaxing a horse stance during star blocks kata, or not bending as deeply in the last squat, or throwing a punch at half power to "save energy" for the next one, or passing the medicine ball in an arch instead of a straight chest pass. Yes, I've been slacking, cutting corners, easing up, or however you want to say not doing my very best.

Today I heard Mr. Oliver's words as a challenge to do the things my mind tells me my body can't do. So the first test was to raise my legs obi high every time during kata practice, despite the squats we did the first half of class. And oh man! My legs were wobbling from the squats, they're still burning after a hot water soak, and my mind is already dreading tomorrow's trip to Apple Hill that now sounds absolutely torturous. It was worth it though to proudly call myself the best martial artist I can be.

So my challenge to you is DO YOUR BEST.

How can you do better in your daily activities? Maybe pick the apple instead of candy for a snack. Maybe proofread an email before clicking send. Maybe take the time to actually listen after asking "How are you?" Maybe buy a bag for the less essential karate supplies like hair pins, extra pair of socks, lip balm and a reusable water bottle. Maybe do that thing you know you should but just haven't got around to doing... A simple change can have a profound impact. What simple change will you commit to today?

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