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First month down five more to go! I am glad it’s over but it doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment, maybe my second or third month will. It does make me feel like I can finish the challenge, but I also have no clue how to manage my time when school starts on September 2nd.

If I learned anything during this month it would be time management. Some days were a struggle. What I found to be the hardest is writing everything I do down. I do the work but forget to tally it. I now bring something to write on with me while I do my exercises. That way if I forget to write it down I can go back and find what I did.
What is easiest to accomplish is push-ups and sit ups because I can do them anywhere and because my body has gotten stronger. Doing my sit-ups and push-ups has helped me with my break dancing because it requires a lot of upper body muscle.

I know I have gotten better at my kata because I can do some of them blindfolded and end facing the right direction!

Here are my numbers from this month. I put the number I have done over the number I need to do to stay on track.

Push ups: 2523/2500
Sit Ups: 3724/2500
Kata: 76/75
Sparing: 81/75
Running: 61/42
Acts of Kindness: 80/84

Heading into the 2nd month I will be spending a week with my grandparents in Arizona. Hopefully I can stay on track!

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