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Its been a while since I've been in the dojo for class, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop practicing.

Baby is due May 16. I'd like to say everything has been graceful, sunshine and rainbows, but I have a new respect for the mothers who have come before me. It's been hard in unexpected ways and easier in others. Everything I learned in the dojo has helped. Breathing, how to stay active at your fitness level, mental focus, daily discipline, intentional smiles on grumpy days, emptying the cup, compassion, ... These lessons from the dojo have helped in the most unexpected ways.

They have taken different forms though. Kata practiced is in the mind's eye more than at the park. More books are read like "The Essence of Karate" by Gichin Funakoshi. The random kindness of opening the door for others is more often received than given, with a grateful smile of course. Daily discipline is to remember my daily vitamin rather than fulfilling UBBT commitments of this time last year. These all have the essence of the training we receive on the dojo. It's the lifestyle of good, strong character that is at the heart of what we learn in Isshinryu.

A friend recently shared an article with me that mimics the heart of Isshinryu. It has touched me and I hope it will touch you too. "15 Things You Should Give Up In Order To Be Happy" is about shedding negative mindsets and habits that hold us back from a more fulfilled life. Fifteen is a lot to change overnight. I've decided a couple at a time is much more manageable. Maybe one or two will enhance your out of dojo practice the way it has for me. Find the article at:

Hope to see you all at the belt ceremony on May 2.

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