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“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” ― Haruki Murakami

This might not be a huge discovery that will win me a Nobel Prize but I found out it is a lot more fun running in a park than on a treadmill. My mom and I went to Curtis Park to run the other day. Curtis Park is the perfect running track because it is approximately one mile around. We walked one mile then I took off with the dog and we ran another mile around the park. It’s a lot more fun running outside and I believe it’s because you’re moving and you can see how far you ran which makes you feel better about how far you went. Much better than running in place! 

 I personally don’t like running even though a lot of people do. I find that it gets dull and repetitive. However, if you’re like me it is little less tedious when running outdoors then on a treadmill in a gym or in the corner of your living room. Even though at the gym you can run in front of the television, I find outside more fun because the environment stimulates your brain. There is always a new tree, blade of grass or leaf to look at wherever you go.   These sound boring but trust me.

It also makes it amazingly more fun when you do it with a dog or a friend. Even if they’re slower then you or faster, have four legs  and no vocalization beside a ear bleeding bark whenever something small, fluffy and delicious moves - it makes it a lot less boring and could also inspire you and push you to go farther.  



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