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Personal Goal - Workouts Update and Lessons So Far

So I've been on my training plan for a good 6 weeks now. And I'm learning A LOT. I've adjusted my workout schedule according to my body's demands. 

These are the changes I made:

  • I replaced one sprint workout with a jump-rope workout. I do the same increments with the jump-rope as I did with the sprints except I've cut the rest times in half.
  • I still do three crossfit workouts, but I moved Wednesday's crossfit to Satruday. 
  • On Sundays I do a long run/ride and a crossfit workout and go to class if I can.

I made these changes based on the fact that I was exhausted by Thursdays and pretty much in a coma by 4pm on Saturdays  :)  So now I take Wednesdays off and Sundays off and I double up two days and do, what is essentially a triple workout, on Saturdays. I workout twice on Tuesdays/Thursdays because I do my sprint or rope workout during lunch, then have class in the evening. I do three workouts on Saturdays: class, crossfit and long run/ride. I could probably do without the long run/ride workout, but I really enjoy those... almost as much as my dog. 

So far this has been a really humbling experience. I've always been a runner/athlete of some kind. Been playing soccer since I was 4. Seriously. At any point thru-out the year I can get up and go jog 10 miles without a problem. But you ask me to do a 20 second sprint and you'll see me flinch a bit, maybe even tear up just little. Training for something like this is a totally different animal. It has exposed a lot of... weaker areas. It has identified opportunities for improvement :) I know that going forward I will mix up my workouts more. I tend to choose distance challenges and train for those accordingly. But at this point, I just can't deny the benefit of a good anaerobic workout. 

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