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Okay, so I made that yummy looking quinoa salad yeaterday and had some for dinner... Here are my thoughts...

I liked it okay. Honesttly, there was some initial disappointment because I felt it was too sweet. That could have something to do with the part of the recipe that said "drizzle." According to my friend who was coaching me (because it's not safe to leave me alone in a kitchen unless I'm only using a rice cooker) said that my version of a "drizzle" is really generous. That combined with the fact that grapes get super sweet when they are baked made it really sweet. BUT...

Tonight it tasted a TON better! I guess it needed a day to get itself all marinated with the honey-lemon dressing. All the favors mixed nicely and I just love the quinoa. The cool thing about quinoa is that it will absorb any flavor you ask it too.

I would recommend trying it, but go easy on the honey. :)

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