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These are some random acts of kindness I documented as part of a homework assignment.

  1. I helped a copier technician load a machine into his truck when I saw he did not have a hand truck.
  2. I brought paperwork down to our office secretary so that she did not have to walk the production floor.
  3. I discussed classwork and gave study advice to a university student that was struggling with a class.
  4. I opened a security gate for a co-worker when I saw that he could not find his entry badge.
  5. I held a lane so that several cars could cross at a bad intersection.
  6. I passed up a large unoccupied parking space when I noticed there was a large SUV behind me.
  7. I made small-talk with a co-worker that was having a bad day to cheer him up.
  8. I put a co-workers lunch in the microwave so that it would be ready for him when he was stuck on a conference call.
  9. I brought the newspaper into the office so the security guard did not have to get it.
  10. I made a fresh pot of coffee at work so that it would be ready when the office workers arrived.

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Comment by Marcus Cortez on February 7, 2012 at 11:49am

I like the generosity and consideration that you captured in some of the most simple acts


Comment by Mike Oliver on October 22, 2011 at 1:59pm
It's always cool to see the different Acts of Kindness that people come up with.

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