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The beginning of the new year is always a great time for reflection. This last week in particular has been full of meditation.

Looking back on the last year, specifically the UBBT, I took on too much and too little at the same time. What I mean is I was capable of everything I committed to, but I was overconfident in my response to the unexpected life challenges. It was a big year last year. Just a few of the life changes: committed to UBBT Team 7, scheduled my life around the new goals, got within 5 lbs of goal weight, maintained that weight, found a great job, the position closed a few months later, found other odd jobs I loved even more, went to Florida to help out family, said yes to a wonderful fiance named Mark, discovered we are expecting a baby boy, reluctantly stepped back from the UBBT and strenuous activities, hosted Christmas dinner for both families, ... and so on and so forth. I've loved every minute of it. I haven't used every minute well though. It pains me to say, that I won't be a graduating member of UBBT Team 7. Why? At the basic level, the UBBT is a standard to never give up. A few times this year, I did. I picked myself up again each time; but I didn't mentally keep the black belt attitude throughout last year. Thats the biggest lesson I learned last year.

This year will be even busier. Moving by the end of January. Baby due in May. A wedding to plan for 2013. Three family weddings this year to help out with and attend. The KIAI Grand Nationals this July. And more unknown challenges. Last year's UBBT experience has challenged me to learn my limits, my capabilities, my likes and dislikes. That new knowledge makes me confident in realistically facing the challenges of this coming year and a lifetime of training in the martial arts starting yesterday.

So here's to the another day preparing for my black belt. When it finally comes, I'll be ready. Today, I'll settle focus on doing my green belt best.

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