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For my Tiny Tiger Black Belt project I have decided to Save The Bees! A lot of bees are dying from pesticides and loss of habitat. Without bees we wouldn't have apples, oranges, lemons, limes, broccoli, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, cantaloupes, carrots, or almonds. To help I am planting flowers, giving out seeds for others to plant, and telling others not to use pesticides. You don't need to be afraid of bees. If one buzzes around you, just stay still and it will go away. If there is a bee hive in your yard that you don't want there don't try to remove it yourself call Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies and they will take care of them for you. :)   

I will bring seed packets to the Dojo for people to take and plant and pass out more information on ways to Save the Bees. 

Thank you!

Connor Cagle 

Here is some information on HoneybeesCA Plants for Bees, and Three Ways to Help Pollinators

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