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This is our outline for eight weeks of reading and practice of the book Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life. We will be reading one chapter per week. I've also broken up segments of dietary advice as well the moving and meditation practices into the 8-weeks. The goal being that by the end of that 8-weeks we will have made considerable inroads into being more mindful with our diet, and our life.

Disclaimer: If you know me, you know that I shoot from the hip and that this outline could be subject to change at any moment. The journal assignments are really just suggestions. Share with us whatever you'd like. I also hope that we can set aside some time to go on a mindfulness walk together!

Week One (Jan 2-8)

  • Reading: Chapter One: Ending your Struggle with Weight
  • Planning: Create your own "Healthy Weight and Well-Being Mission Statement".
  • Eating: No more than two sodas per week. Replace with water.
  • Moving: 20 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Conscious Breathing (pg. 70).
  • Journaling: Share your Mission Statement with us.

Week Two (Jan 9-15)

  • Reading: Chapter Two: Are you Really Appreciating the Apple?
  • Eating: Establish a regular eating schedule and do no skip meals.
  • Moving: 20 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Smiling meditation (pg. 190), waking up meditation (pg. 188).
  • Journaling: What have your experiences been with your mindful walking/activity?

Week Three (Jan 16-22)

  • Reading: Chapter Three: You are More Than What you Eat
  • Eating: Eliminate white bread and rice. Replace with 100% whole wheat bread and brown rice or other whole grains.
  • Moving: 40 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Teeth brushing meditation (pg. 189), E-mail meditation (pg. 194), Good night meditation (pg. 199).
  • Journaling: What are your thoughts on what you have read so far? How about the practice? Maybe you have a story to share about a meal or mindfulness experience?

Week Four (Jan 23-29)

  • Reading: Chapter Four: Stop and Look: the Present Moment
  • Eating: Turn off the television and radio during meals.
  • Moving: 40 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Deep listening and loving speech meditation (pg. 195), Standing in line meditation (pg. 197).
  • Journaling: Give us an example from your week (life?) of being in the present moment.

Week Five (Jan 30 - Feb 5)

  • Reading: Chapter Five: Mindful Eating
  • Eating: Eat fresh vegetables and fruit at every meal.
  • Moving: 60 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Cooking meditation (pg. 198), Calming the body meditation (pg. 72), Hurrying meditation (pg. 189).

Week Six (Feb 6-12)

  • Reading: Chapter Six: Mindful Moving
  • Eating: Use smaller plates to encourage smaller portions.
  • Moving: 60 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing:

Week Seven (Feb 13-18)

  • Reading: Chapter Seven: Mindful Living Plan
  • Eating: Choose vegetarian proteins instead of red meat and processed meat. Chew well and eat more slowly so you can savor your food.
  • Moving: 75 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Water faucet meditation (pg. 192), Silent meal meditation (pg. 125), Greeting our negative emotions meditation (pg. 193).

Week Eight (Feb 19-26)

  • Reading: Chapter Eight: A Mindful World
  • Eating: Choose olive oil more than butter. Tune in to your satiety--stop eating when you are full.
  • Moving: 80 minutes of mindful walking (or equivalent activity).
  • Breathing: Love meditation (pg. 85), Embracing a habit energy with mindfulness meditation (pg. 15), Key meditation (pg. 198), Traffic jam meditation (pg. 192), Light switch meditation (pg. 190)

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Comment by Kiara Sevona on January 5, 2012 at 3:08am
This looks wonderful, Mike! And much needed, after the holidays and everything I've been eating on vacation... I will finish the first chapter and mission statement by the 8th, even though I am still on vacation. Maybe this way I won't have to buy tents to replace all my recently too-small clothes! :)
Comment by Shirley (Jack & Ella's Mom) on December 29, 2011 at 6:50pm

Thanks for the work you've put in to creating some structure for our study.  I am motivated!

Comment by Katie Thieman on December 28, 2011 at 9:05am
Looks great! And very do-able! Started reading last night. This is going to be great! Thank you Mr. Oliver!

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