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It has been too long since I've posted--I'm still on the march, & still chipping away at UBBT goals.  Preparing for this post gave great opportunity for some reflection.  The strengths so far have been: repetitions of basics and adding kata (~50%).  Although behind in crunches, I am able to do more in a stretch that I had before (thanks to one of Ms. Clark's class workouts, which helped me raise the bar). I am nearing 40% here and see myself quickly getting on track. I'm also really enjoying my bike-riding, and can see some longer rides in the future.

My weak points have been:  the push-ups--harder to crank out a high number; the meditation/prayer time (it happens but not recorded consistently); and the acts of kindness (I do them and notice them, I just forget to write them down). The percentage mark is lower in these categories than I would like, and I will need to dig down to get these on track.

That is the quantitative report.  Qualitatively, I can see the effect of UBBT on my life's order.  Progress on my project goals has resulted in my work office being much more organized--I am able to easily find what I need to tackle the challenges of the workday in a calm and clear manner--better results for everyone and less stress for me!  I have incorporated more daily discipline into both my home and work life, and seem to be enjoying more aspects of journey, including the ones that are more routine.

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Comment by Mike Oliver on May 25, 2011 at 10:56am
It's so great to see how UBBT is effecting other areas of your life!
Comment by Lisa Clark on May 24, 2011 at 3:23pm
Glad to hear all the updates, especially the qualitative. That must feel good. You rock! Maybe raise the bar even higher?

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