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Lately, I have felt silent. There have been lots of ideas for a journal, but when the time comes to write it out? The ideas fall flat. Last night is worth writing about.


For 5 years I have had the same fitness goal: to keep up with my nephew Luke. All the push ups, crunches, miles, kata, all of it, is to be fit enough to play with my now 5 year old nephew at his level. Yesterday, that goal was accomplished! 


Luke was in town visiting grandma. She needed a break. Understandably. He is wild, go Go GO kind of kid. It is my pleasure to report she had a 2 and a half hour break. At the end of playing together, Luke was tuckered out and went straight to bed without a fight. That in itself is amazing. It is even more amazing that I still had energy after playing with him!


My goal was achieved yesterday. Today I am motivated to train just a little harder because tomorrow I want to be as ready and able to play with him as I was yesterday.



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Comment by Mike Oliver on July 6, 2011 at 10:20am
Totally awesome! Now we can set a new goal, yes?

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