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Sunday. Not a day of rest this last weekend. My aunt is moving rather unexpectedly and the whole family is helping. The day's objective was to move the garage, storage shed, books, games, movies, other media and glass into storage. An early start and off we went to Escalon with muscles ready.

I was a bit concerned when we left. My plan to start the day with at least half my requirements accomplished did not pan out. I woke up feeling achy, coughing, throbbing shoulder and head. What did I catch this time?! Should I even go? Well, I went and did not complete even one push up when I got home late that night.

Our time was well spent though. The storage shed is 99% empty; all books, glass, other media are moved; and the garage had a sizable chunk cleared out. We even did a heaping trailer load of patio/outdoor furniture directly to the new house's backyard. Anticipating a similar day this coming Saturday...

The make-up is a bit frustrating. I feel like I just got out the gate and already I'm playing catch up. Grrr. Arg. That is part of the challenge though. So start with inventory. With all the loading, unloading, toting, and general walking we did, I think its safe to say 3 miles were accomplished in the 10 hours of activity. Every muscle used for sit ups and push ups were put to work, but not within the measurable means of the UBBT. I've been doing a few extra yesterday and today to compensate for the lack. Kata was less strenuous and has already been caught up. By next Sunday, everything should be on track again, even with Saturday's expected second hick up.

A very positive note is in the personal goal department. The weight scale is already noting the subtle changes I feel in my pants and actively healthier choices in diet. Compassion with those closest to me was definitely put to the test during the moving process. It would be a lie to say I wasn't frustrated at many points during the day, but I am proud to report the usual sarcasm was mostly curbed. Also caught up on the Acts of Kindness portion which had been largely unrecorded. Its full up now!

Day 5 was a different type of success, but very successful in its own way.

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