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Day 6 was hard. It made waking up today, Day 7, tough as well. Bodily aches and sore muscles are very satisfying though. Its like they're saying, "You survived yesterday's challenge. Get ready for today!" There was a lot to look forward to today.

I have started watching some very cute girls a couple days a week. They were the first chunk of the day. The family does not watch a lot of tv, and board games are a favorite activity. So on top of knocking out the 3 mile requirement walking to their house, I spent the morning playing Pengaloo, Go Fish, Hullabaloo, and Candyland. We even raked the yard and jumped in the leaves! Fun. Pure childlike fun. I highly recommend it after a bad yesterday.

The morning fun lasted only until class though. I was dreading another 3 rounds of exercises on my right shoulder. Thankfully it last only one round since sparring was the focus of class today. 3 cheers for unexpected blessings!

Lesson of the Day: Stress and stress relief is all in your perspective. Be open to the activities in your day and the opportunities they provide.

Quick, less interesting, summary: Requirements met, some of the weekend slack was picked up, and looking forward to hot yoga
tomorrow morning.

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Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on December 8, 2010 at 10:50pm
Thanks for sharing your days! Children have a wonderful way of keeping you in the present moment--and you can't beat Candyland. Hope today felt even better after the hot yoga.

I saw that Mr. Oliver pointed to Book of Five Rings--I just started it and found a quote that related to your yoga post: "It makes sense to study other arts as well as those of strategy. ... To learn the sword, study the guitar. To learn the fist, study commerce. To only study the sword will make you narrow-minded and keep you from growing outward."

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