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Our first class together as UBBT Team 8 was something unique. It's satisfying to know I personally could complete the class... the sheer numbers! In the first half: 240 pushups, 240 situps, 480 wall kicks. The second half felt more like playtime: bear crawl, lunge kicks, flutter kicks, and more. I wondered at points if the exercise was beyond my hard limits, and pushed on to find myself at the very brink. We all survived the intensive workout in good health.

The intensity was a large part of the reason our class was inspiring. Yet there was an even greater source of inspiration:to see everyone working together! Each of us had a point of struggle, and also a point of strength. That is what makes a team I suppose- uniting strengths while supporting struggles.

Looking forward to seeing more of each teammates' progress in the dojo and online blogs. Go team!

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Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on January 9, 2011 at 9:48pm
That sounds awesome! Sorry to miss this inaugural workout--I look forward to joining in next time.

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