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The closer December first gets, the more overwhelmed I feel. What did I commit to?! Can I really do this?! The real question is why should I do this.

What first attracted me to the challenge is the intensity. Lately I've felt unbalanced in my own body. The weight I carry is heavy on my thin bones so it is top priority to reach my ideal weight... only it is hard for me to lose weight. So the level of fitness required in the UBBT may be exactly what I need.

Mr. Oliver's early blogs gave me the impression those who joined in the UBBT would work together in an interactive team. The idea of attempting a challenge as a team was a major draw. After talking to him, that just isn't the case. We will each work individually towards our goals with time together during regular class, an online community and the support of the people in our personal lives. So maybe my team of friends will not be the fellow martial artists I expected, but they have committed to walking with me weekly. I'm looking forward to getting to know my friends 3 miles at a time, and building self motivation on the other days.

The final reason is not as deep. For all the reasons to not join the UBBT, I keep hearing the phrase, "Why not?" So why not join in the challenge? I haven't found a good enough reason why not to.

December 1 is only a few days away. So here I go.

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Comment by Mike Oliver on November 29, 2010 at 7:56am
As we go through these challenges together, I think you will find that we are more of a team then you initially think. It's important that we watch each other's back and help one another when someone falters.

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