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I'm writing this post from San Diego (rough!), and the first professional conference of my year.  A lot of my workday involves sitting at a computer.  At conferences though, we do a lot of running--back and forth down the convention center--as well as a lot of sitting, which is often on the floor in the back of the room by the power outlet (for the dying laptop).

This is also my first conference since starting karate, and in particular, starting UBBT. It's only one day in, but I've walked along the waterfront with a few run bursts, done 120 push-ups and crunches, and completed two sets of basics. With this many people in one place there is great potential for acts of kindness, but I've only performed a couple small courtesies so far (i.e., doing elevator duty for a new arrival at the hotel). We'll see how this unfolds during the rest of the conference.

A change in environment and schedule usually gives me the perfect excuse to drop every good intention--and it's mostly related to diet. I feel pretty good about the choices so far--salads, decent protein at breakfast vs. carbo-load, etc.  I've also found my perfect spot on my hotel floor--behold "the dojo away from the dojo" (picture below).


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Comment by Mike Oliver on January 7, 2011 at 10:56pm
A worthy dojo indeed!

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