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We've been training now for a month. We've all encountered struggles. Today it was all 13 months are already worth the struggle because I made orange juice! Silly sounding perhaps... Let me explain.

A family I watch was out of juice and the girls asked for the usual orange juice. There was a bag full of oranges for juicing. Their juicer is manual though. My whole life, my family has treated me as the weak one who wasn't strong enough to do it for herself. I usually wasn't strong enough. Stubborn enough yes. Physically strong enough no. So a manual juicer is a big challenge. It took all my UBBT muscles to manually squeeze the orange juice... but I was strong enough to do it! It was easy once I decided to apply myself.

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Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on January 1, 2011 at 11:25am
I used to juice oranges at a restaurant for busy brunches--my muscles remember and can relate.... Well done!

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