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Journal entries have slowed down because there hasn't been much to update. Numbers are pitifully behind. Life is tipsy turvy. And everything is just as it should be.

Character building has been the focus of June and July. The first two codes of bushido are on my mind of late. #1: Rectitude: To do the right thing. #2: Bravery: To have courage when faced with a challenge. These two principles have served as guides when mediating in the recent weeks. It was less about who was right and therefore who was wrong. The real "right" was that which benefitted everyone involved as we move away from the conflict. It took courage to stand up for the best solution because everyone had to sacrifice to make it work. Not easy for any of us. Sometimes it was gas, or ego, or karate class. Thankfully, everyone came together. Phew. Glad that's over.

Now it's time to concentrate on numbers.

In an effort to make up mileage, I have decided to join the Walk for the Arts. The 5k will benefit the local arts organization of your choice. My organization is the Sacramento Shakespeare Company. They have been hit hard by budget cuts, recession, etc. They also put on an amazing show every year that has become a tradition with my family and friends. So mileage and support of my favorite play? Yes please! ask me about how to donate if you are interested.

Also focusing on numbers is a bet. I wagered with a friend to see who would earn a better six pack by September. Friendly trash talk back and forth is very motivating. It also requires a better diet, which I have been slacking on.

So a 5k and a friendly wager should help get the numbers up a little bit and looking forward to the changes in the next month.

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