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As usual, I got stuck in my own rut. All it took was a friend's casual comment to snap me out of it.

Last Friday was a superproductive day in regards to my declutterization goals. Living room furniture was rearranged. More useful items found their way to the thrift store for a new home. Some went to the antique store this time. Laundry was completed. Storage is clean- organized even! A few more paper based projects are left, but the new furniture arrangement is already motivating me. I slept well Friday night, satisfied and physically tired.

Saturday morning was less happy. I woke to a throbbing, swollen, very bruised thumb. It has been getting better daily. Today the bruising finally yellowed, meaning its on the mend. Swelling is reduced by 2/3 and more so after resting on my favorite bag of frozen peas. Pushups and solid closed fists are still at least a week away. Two according to the doctor.

That is 7+ days of not meeting the pushup quota for UBBT. Mileage is already deficit, now pushups too? I can only do so many one handed pushups in a day. Even against the wall! And I know of no supplement for a pushups which doesn't strain the sprained thumb.

Safe to say I've found yet another UBBT challenge. I consulted our team leader for advice. Hopefully, a consult with Kyoshi Joslin will find something to supplement. Spirit and supplements do not meet quotas though.

One my greatest fears in starting the UBBT is falling so far behind that I cannot catch up. Yes it can be made up later. Perhaps I am too focused on numbers. Yet, I am determined to succeed in the UBBT. This requires numerical quotas periodically. Forecasting future daily quotas is bleak when I consider how much I cannot healthfully complete now. Disappointment. Frustration. Inspiration. Determination. All with a negative slant. Then Mr. Pinkerton commented on our early start.

We did start a whole 30 days ahead of the other Team 8 groups. So in that train of thought... Mileage is not deficit yet, and pushups are only 2 weeks ahead. Things are looking very optimistic.

My sprained thumb still throbs most of the day. Likely because I haven't discovered the trick to using my left after a lifetime of being VERY right dominant. It's an ongoing learning process with creative solutions, mental redirection, frozen peas for the swelling, and no chopsticks- yet.

The weight of UBBT quotas has been lifted though; and I am reminded of why I committed to a challenge of Black Belt standard.

At the end of 13 months, I will have learned more about myself then ever before. I will be healthier then ever before with established habits to maintain that health. I will be shaping into the person (and martial artist) I dream of one day becoming. All of these things hinge on worthy actions and thoughts now. Today. In the midst of a throbbing thumb, only partially met quotas and unforeseen adversity.

So cheers to perspective and the challenges of the UBBT!

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Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on February 2, 2011 at 10:43am
A great perspective to take the long view and acknowledge progress.  I'm a bit in deficit now too, but learning and developing in exciting ways.  I'll take it.  Glad I'm journeying with you. Cheers!
Comment by Lisa Clark on February 1, 2011 at 10:51pm
A humorous aside, I now literally understand the phrase "sticking out like a sore thumb".

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