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My last journal concentrated on numbers, meeting goals, and motivation. Today is a report on spirit.


Today was the 6th Annual Niello VW Ranch Run.  There were some VWs I hadn't seen before and some old favorites. Tin cans, pimped out racers, campers and off roaders. Valve cover races down a killer ramp were even more popular this year than last. The Blackboard Bug was out again, decorated by children of all ages in imaginative chalk art. The bake sale was overflowing with yummy snacks. My favorite part was the blend of personalities: grease monkeys, punk rockers, Harley riders, wholesome families, outdoorsy types, classy traditional manners, surfers, retro divas, and all with a heart for the cause. One heart in particular stands out...


A burly giant came up to our booth asking where to buy a Ride To Walk t-shirt. You could judge him by his leather jacket, gruff humor, coarse hands and impressive foo man choo.  Look deeper. He wanted to support the kids at Ride To Walk. He said he comes every year, and looks forward to it. The shirt he bought a few years ago needs replacing. He was disappointed not to find any out this year. Its men like this, with a heart full of compassionate, who make the it possible for Ride To Walk to continue. His entry fee helped fund the program. His compassion bring life to that work.


Some of our kids came out for the festivities. They played alongside the VW run kids. Doc brought his mini horses for everyone to greet. Hospitality, RTW style.


The Ranch Run is sadly over. I am looking forward to next year when I hope to have my own VW to ride. That's a year away. And there are many rides out at the Ride to Walk Ranch to enjoy thanks to this year's fundraiser.


It took some searching but we found the shirts for the burly compassionate giant, in case you were wondering.


For pictures, video, donation links, and general information check out these websites:

Ranch Run

Ride To Walk


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