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Week 3 - Diligence, Teamwork and Kindness

This last week has been tough. Where to start!

Old injuries have been forcing creativity in the physical requirements. An unexpectedly busy week provided the perfect excuse AND reason to slack off. Between failing creativity and the unfriendly schedule, my miles, kata, push ups and sit ups have fallen behind, in that order. Something needs to be done. Though I'm not sure how yet...

An extra 50 sit ups and push ups a day will help. Longer sessions on the elliptical are planned. Hopefully, the knees and shoulder hold out. I'm more concerned about February when I leave for work. The challenge will be to diligently meet requirements with the crazy, physically demanding schedule. So the plan was to be 2-3 weeks ahead before leaving... not injured and falling further behind. There's one month left to reach the preemptive goal and I'm feeling ambitious. Plans are being drafted to accommodate injuries, schedule, and ambition.

Family has really motivated me. My aunt had to move quickly. We've been helping... last weekend, Tuesday, Wednesday, and this weekend. There may be more days to come if needed. They have been downsizing and must continue to do so. It will take time. My own personal decluttering goal was newly motivated after seeing the burden of excess during their move.

The progress we have made was equally inspirational. I thought, with the limited space, poor sleep, multiple queen bees and general stress of the situation, the whole move would be grouchier. It surprised me how everyone kept their smiles. Please and thank you were heard as often in the last hour as in the first. Friends of my aunt kept cycling through with fresh spirit. Property was respected- the old house, new rental, and all of my aunt's things. Everyone working together. That's how we accomplished what we did.

Everyone's little contribution showed me how easy an Act of Kindness can be: making fresh coffee for the group, grabbing a timely towel for a the swimmer exiting the pool, offering the last slice of pizza to someone else, taking the trash out and replacing the bag, helping when help is needed.

Now my confusion is what to record for the UBBT. Definitely behind in that area. It's hard to claim the kindness when I do it normally. Starting out, I thought I would record the acts which challenged patience or was beyond the usual. That's not enough so far.

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Comment by Mike Oliver on January 2, 2011 at 11:10am
We are likely all going to suffer some sort of set-backs in our UBBT training. These are things we learn from though, and the challenge is why we are here right? The martial way is very much a path of deliberate growth.
Comment by Shirley (Jack & Ella's Mom) on December 30, 2010 at 4:41am

Your posts have helped me on this issue. 

Comment by Lisa Clark on December 21, 2010 at 9:54am
Lisa, that makes sense. Thank you for putting words to our thoughts.
Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on December 21, 2010 at 9:50am

This is a continuation of last night's conversation, re kindness.  I'm working out how to discern what "counts" too, and how. Two measurements I'm using are "intention" and "impact". Intention: is it a purposeful and conscious act rather than a reflex? Impact: does it make a difference in terms of creating harmony and compassion?  A few of these have been within my household if they would not have been done normally (it starts there) as well as out in the world.

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