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It's normal in the dojo to do kata, practice our basics, even mount each other to practice a grappling self defense. I forget how these seem to other people...

My car wouldn't start Sunday. Thankful for AAA, I called for roadside assistance and had the usual hour long wait. What to do for an hour? Well, I hadn't practiced kata yet... the sidewalk was extra wide... time was plentiful... why not? So I did.

About 40 minutes in, a couple riding by on their bikes stopped to ask if they could watch. No objections. Seiuchin was next, so deep breathe in, out, bow, hands up, ... all the way through. It was nice to hear the opinion of someone seeing Seiuchin for the first time. It's flattering to hear how impressed they were from something I regard as common. Nice too that they didn't notice the technical errors...

The experience made me realize how unique the UBBT is. Mr. Oliver stating how many have actually completed the challenge didn't phase me, nor the sheer numbers nor sore muscles nor injuries... The random couple made it all real. So here's to the a newfound, more realistic commitment to our UBBT challenge.

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Comment by Mike Oliver on January 2, 2011 at 11:19am
And sharing your experiences is very much what the UBBT is about. These journal posts, the videos you make (we will make some together!) and the lives that you touch through kindness are methods of teaching by example. There really is no better way than to lead from the front!
Comment by Lisa Spagnolo on January 1, 2011 at 10:50am
Time and performance management--excellent! I know that if I need to practice my basics in the convention center next week... I can do it!  ;) Let's do this thing!

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