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Week 54 - It's Just Sooo Close...

The Numbers (as of 12/13):

Pushups Crunches Kata Sparring Journey (Swim) Journey (Bike) Journey (Run) Kindness Journal Video
Annual Totals:
6 1,250 1,188
Annual Targets: 50000 50000 1000 1000 2400 1000 56 12
Percent of Annual Targets Complete 100.30% 100.30% 80.90% 88.80% 101.81% 102.90% 94.64% 75.00%

Love those 100s! I just love them. I want to hug them. It was a pretty painfully slow week for sparring. As the holiday approaches there are less people in class and more on vacation! As it should be. Kata was sort of up and down which left it lower than it should be but it's still good to pass the 80% mark. I'll get there. Still have 18 days! 

The Training

Well, sparring... vacations are a good thing. Just means that I will be in the dojo as often as possible this week. I'll spar with anyone at this point. I'm not too proud to spar with a 6-year old. :) And of course there will be plans to get some time in over the holiday weeks also. 

I got a one-on-one class with Sensei last week and had the opportunity to run each kata by him. I know what I need to work on. I'm focused on getting the numbers met and getting some details fixed.

Still loving the strength training. I feel like being forced to spend some real time stretching is also doing my body good. Healthy eating is pretty consistent if you don't count the wedding cake I had last weekend. You don't say no to carrot cake, you just don't. 

I've got my scuba lesson scheduled, that'll be the third personal fear I wanted to conquer. And I've got my empathy training: blind day planned out. Gotta get some more videos up, too. Feel good. There's obviously some cramming in my future, but I'm ready for it.

The Challenges:

Now it's just a matter of nerves

The Levels:
Motivation: Still there, still with the nervousness
Next Event: January 9th - Black Belt Test

Lesson Learned:

I'm realizing as this test gets closer and closer to completion, that it's not so much the fact that I did this many push ups and that many miles... It's more that I didn't stop doing them even when I REALLY wanted to. There's peace of mind in that, and motivation. 

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