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Week 55 - Let the Cramming Begin

The Numbers (as of 12/20):

Pushups Crunches Kata Sparring Journey (Swim) Journey (Bike) Journey (Run) Kindness Journal Video
Annual Totals:
6 1,250 1,200
Annual Targets: 50000 50000 1000 1000 2400 1000 56 12
Percent of Annual Targets Complete 100.90% 100.90% 86.40% 97.70% 102.31% 104.50% 96.43% 75.00%

This being the last week of classes until next year, I was in the dojo pretty often - 9 hours. Thanks to all the classes that helped me with sparring this week, it gave me the edge I needed. Still have 22 rounds to go but I'll get those over the holidays with some help from classmates. Kata number is looming.

The Training:

Sparring is what it is. I'm just trying to keep my conditioning up. The Tabata strength training is helping with that, mentally at least. If you feel confident you'll be confident, right? 

As for kata... time to start that big push. I need to bump up to 12 sets a day for the next couple of weeks and add some extras on top of that. It's going to be pretty miserable, haha. Here goes...

Unfortunately, my scuba class got cancelled. Hopefully there will be an availability before the end of the year. Fingers crossed. Got some videos planned, just need to put them together. Thank goodness there are some days off coming up, perfect for cramming. :) 

The Challenges:

Well, the cramming isn't fun, but I set myself up for that one. I'm mostly jut trying to stay positive, the nerves can really mess with you sometimes. Already thinking about how it's going to feel demonstrate kata in front of a crowd. I don't mind getting my butt kicked in sparring, there's been plenty of that and will plenty more. Kata though, that's one of my favorite things. I really want to do well

The Levels:
Motivation: Yep :), still with the nervousness
Next Event: January 9th - Black Belt Test


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