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Week 56 - 4 Days to Go!

The Numbers (as of 12/27):
Pushups Crunches Kata Sparring Journey (Swim) Journey (Bike) Journey (Run) Kindness Journal Video
Annual Totals:
6 1,250 1,208
Annual Targets: 50000 50000 1000 1000 2400 1000 56 12
Percent of Annual Targets Complete 100.90% 100.90% 93.50% 98.60% 102.65% 107.40% 100.00% 75.00%

Other Requirements:

Other Requirements/Goals
Empathy Training Blind Mute Wheelchair X Complete:
Read 6 books ✔ - 7 Habits ✔ - BABOK ✔ - A Call to Action ✔- Power of Now ✔ - China Study ✔ - Traditions Complete:
Seek out a Master Kyoshi Fierro - Done Complete:
1 Personal Goal Rancho Cordova Challenge - 1/2 Iron Distance (70.3) - Oct 5th Complete:
Memorize the Black Belt Pledge Complete:
1 Community Service Project ✔ - Swings for SMA ✔ - Team w/ Robotics Club Complete:
Conquer 3 Personal Fears Riding Scuba Scheduled Reptile Complete:
1/2 Marathon in < 1:46:00 Down to 1:50:01 so far Complete: X

Sparring... almost there. Kata... not as almost there as sparring... but will get there. Video.... almost there. So basically... Almost there

Empathy training is done as I met the requirements. Enjoyed all the books, learned a lot about Kyoshi Fierro and achieved my personal goal of completing a 1/2 iron triathlon. Haven't memorized the Black Belt Pledge yet, but it will be done by December 31. Community service project... ✔. 
I set some additional goals: 
  1. Spend a day in a wheelchair - I didn't get to it due to scheduling and surgeries, but I'm sure my friend will be up for it in a few months. 
  2. Conquer 3 personal fears - I rode a horse, petted a snake (eeewwww) but didn't get the scuba lesson in. I was going to do it this month but the turns out they don't put you in the water. So, I did some research and found a place with a heated pool and am signed up for January's class. 
  3. Get my 1/2 marathon time down to 1:46:00 - Not even close! Haha. I did shave 4:55 which I'm happy with. My new personal record is 1:50:01 (that :01 really hurt) and I feel good about that but will keep trying for that 1:46. 
Empathy Training - Blind Day:
I only made it 8 hours. It was HARD. I did a full 24 hours of no talking. I'd spend a week with no talking before I'd do another day without vision. I made a sandwich that had WAY too much mustard in it. I will always know how tall my kitchen counters are because my hip bones will never be the same. I tripped over my dog at least 4 times. I'm thankful for audiobooks and for a small house with no clutter. I know they say you don't know what you have until you lose it. This brought that to a whole new level. I am thankful for my sight
The Last 4 Days:
I'm taking Wednesday off from work to do kata and make videos :) "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." I will get there.
The Levels:
Motivation: Has been taken over by the cramming
Next Event: January 9th - Black Belt Test


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