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Right away, you should know that not all martial arts schools are created equal. Different schools not only teach different systems of martial arts, but the teaching methods, class size, experience of instructors and general feel of the class can vary dramatically from one school to the next.

When researching a potential martial arts school in Sacramento for yourself, make sure that when you actually visit the dojo to meet the teachers and students, you pay attention to the attitude of everyone there.

A good martial arts teacher will have a profound impact on your mental and physical development. Make sure you choose a school with teachers and fellow students that you feel comfortable with.

For more advice on selecting a school, visit my blog entry on Choosing a Martial Arts School.

This school embraces the practice of complete financial transparency with regards to membership. We post our prices and policies on-line (see below); we do not engage in ANY business practice designed to mislead or manipulate our students into unexpected or unhealthy financial arrangements.

BUYER BEWARE as there are martial arts schools that purposefully mislead and/or intend to manipulate customers into "upgrading" memberships and/or into signing one-sided, or long-term contracts for student memberships.

At Zen Martial Arts in Sacramento, we have very fair pricing. We have structured our school to meet most everyone's budget and we never turn away anyone for lack of money.

Classes at Zen Martial Arts are $169 per month for two classes each week. Multiple members in the same family are offered a discounted rate of $159 per month.

We do not charge for belts, testing or promotions below black-belt. These are all included in your basic membership.

If you have questions about our pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

Zen Martial Arts Center



Classes are held at:

Coloma Community Center

4819 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

Close To: Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, East Sacramento, Elmhurst, Oak Park. Fruitridge, Tallac Village.

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The best way to see if a karate school is a good fit for you is to try a class. Fill out the form below and an instructor will contact you to set up a time to come in and try one of our classes for free.

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