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  • Naihanchi Kata

    Naihanchi Kata

    This Kata is traditionally done in a narrow space like a foot bridge. I decided to do it with my ba… Emil Ramos Oct 5, 2014 712 views

  • Chinto Kata

    Chinto Kata

    This will be my tournament Kata. Doesn't look the best on sand! Emil Ramos Oct 5, 2014 665 views

  • Swim Laps & Kata

    Swim Laps & Kata

    I miss my grandma’s swimming pool. I don’t normally get to swim for part of my exercise so I spent… Emil Ramos Aug 25, 2014 344 views

  • Save Our Busy Bees!

    Save Our Busy Bees!

    My name is Ethan Smalley and to earn my Little Dragon Black Belt I am helping the Honey Bee. Honey… Katrina Smalley Aug 12, 2014 42 views

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